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General Information

Presently High Commission of Bangladesh in Malé, Maldives are providing following consular services:

1. Machine Readable Passport(MRP)
2. Handwritten Renewal Passport
3. Machine Readable Visa (MRV)
4. Travel Permit
5. Recommendation certificate for Driving License
6. Attestation/Endorsement  of Power Attorney
Attachment of different Download Forms: Following forms have been attached-
a) Machine Readable Passport(MRP) Form
b) Correction Form of MRP
c) Handwritten Renewal Passport Form
d) Machine Readable Visa (MRV) Form
e) Visa Fee chart

1.Machine Readable Passport (MRP)
The High Commission of Bangladesh started enrolment of Machine Readable Passport (MRP) program since 20 May 2014. According to the provision of  International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the Bangladeshi expatriates are required to complete registration of MRP by 24 November 2015.
To obtain a MRP passport enrolment the applicant shouldt submit the following documents:
1. Filled up MRP Form.
2. Original passport.
3. Passport photocopy( 1 -5 page).
4. Photocopy of Bangladeshi Birth Certificate or National ID.
5. Photocopy of Work Permit/Employment Approval.
6. 02(Two) recent passport size photographs (colour).
7. Deposit USD 110.
8. In case of lost passport, Police Verification Certificate and passport photocopy will have to be submitted.
9. After completion of data entry it takes 45-60 days to deliver a new (MRP) passport.

10.  Passport delivery hour: 15:00-14:00(every working day)

2. Machine Readable Visa (MRV)
Citizens of most countries require valid visa to enter Bangladesh. The Bangladesh High Commission in Malé, Maldives determines the type and category of visa and duration of stay upon receiving an application. The types and categories differ according to the purpose of visit, length of stay and bilateral arrangement with the country of the foreign national.

a. How to Apply for Visa

To obtain a visa the applicant should submit the following documents:
1. Passport with minimum 6 (six) months validity.
2. Filled-in visa application (DIP Form-4). (Incomplete application will be returned without visa.)
3. Appropriate amount of Visa fee (Cash is accepted). For visa fee please see attachment of Visa fee in Download Forms (for Maldivian  Student and their Family Sponsored USD 10 only).
4. Two recent passport size photographs.
5. Relevant supporting papers depending upon the purpose of visit.
b. Requirements for Visa Application

For any particular category of visa, all applicants are requested to submit one/more of the following documents along with the visa application form depending upon the purpose of the visit.
Tourist visa: Travel itinerary/air ticket reservation/Address of hotel/Local host /destination.
Business visa: Invitation letter from Bangladesh Business Organization/ Establishment or letter from local Business organization with ABN identification clearly stating the purpose of the visit.
Employment/Work visa: Letter of employment from the employer in Bangladesh and letter of concurrence from the concerned Ministry of Bangladesh Government/ Board of Investment (BOI)/Bangladesh Export Processing Zone Authority (BEPZA).
NGO Visa: To work in a non-governmental organization (NGO), the applicant should furnish copy of letter of appointment from the concerned NGO in Bangladesh with attestation by the Bangladesh NGO Affairs Bureau, Dhaka. Or a letter of appointment from the concerned NGO in Bangladesh and “No Objection” certificate from NGO Affairs Bureau of Bangladesh.
Student visa: Letter from the concerned educational institution/Ministry certifying the admission, Police Verification Certificate and Medical examination Certificate.
Investor visa: Letter of recommendation from the Bangladesh Ministry of Industries or the Board of Investment (BOI) or Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (BEPZA), Dhaka.
Missionary visa: Letter of appointment from the Church and “No Objection” from the Bangladesh Ministry of Religious Affairs, Dhaka.
Diplomatic and official visa: Note verbale/letter from the concerned government office/Mission
Researchers: Require letter from the Institution, which sponsors his/her research activities and/or invitation letter from the organization/institution to be visited in Bangladesh. Please note that minimum processing time for this category of visa is 4 weeks.
For any other category of visa relevant supporting papers should be submitted along with the visa application form. Please Note: Any misrepresentation of facts may lead to cancellation of visa at any time.

c. Visa fees:
Visa fees are determined on the basis of reciprocity with the country of the foreign national seeking visa. Please note that visa fee is non-refundable even if visa is denied or if visa application is withdrawn.

d. Where to Apply for Visa

Applicants, who wish to submit their applications in person at the High Commission, are requested to do so between 9.30 am to 12.30 pm on the working days. No application in person would be received beyond this time except in case of emergency.

e. Processing Time
Please note: The visa processing period is at least Five (05) working days.  Issuance of visa may be delayed if reference has to be made to Bangladesh for clearance. The High Commission may accept or reject any application for visa. No visa application will be processed unless specific requirements are met. Please note that after scrutiny of documents, the Consular Officer/Assistant may request for an interview and /or submission of additional documents.
f. Mode of Payment

Cash only in USD for each Visa applications.

g. Arrangement for Return Delivery

The applicants are requested to come for visa collecting at the time of delivery after submitting the money receipt copy.
h. Time and Method of enquiry
• All enquiries by telephone, in relation to Consular matter, should be made from 0900 hrs to 1300 hrs. Urgent enquiry beyond that period can be made by sending e-mail. In such cases, name, contact, phone number, e-mail address and the nature of the query should be clearly stated. Concerned officials will attend to such queries as soon as possible.
The High Commission would appreciate if queries could be made to following email addresses rather than calling to the Mission.
E-mail :
Consular Fee Chart
SL No Type of Services Amount (USD) Comments
1 Machine Readable Passport (MRP) 110 All Bangladeshi passport holders have to be make MRP passport within 24 November 2015
2 Handwritten Renewal Passport Ordinary(7days) 22 This program will be valid till 01 July 2015
  Semi Urgent(3days) 33
  Urgent(1day) 66
3 Machine Readable VISA(MRV) 10(Maldivian Students)  see the attachment of visa fee chart for others nationalist
4 Attestation of Power Attorney and Endorsement 22