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Free Friday Clinic

A Free Friday Clinic for the expatriate Bangladeshi has been opened on 22 April 2015 at the Ministry of Health, Maldives jointly organized by the Bangladesh High Commission and Ministry of Health, Male’, Maldives.

The first ever Free Friday Clinic is opened by this High Commission as a confidence building measure among the Bangladeshi expatriates and to provide free treatment to those distress Bangladeshi workers who are unable to avail Maldivian Medical facilities. The programme has been started Free Friday Clinic:
since 24 April 2015 at the High Commission of Bangladesh. The Ministry of Health, Male’, Republic of Maldives gave an approval on 22 April 2015 to the Bangladesh High Commission to conduct a Free Friday Clinic initially from April to December 2015 at the premises of the High Commission for the expatriate Bangladeshi in accordance with the general regulations and standards of the Ministry of Health and the Maldives Medical Council.

  The expatriate Bangladeshi Doctors who are registered here in Maldives and would provide services on voluntary basis for free only when they are free from their duty. Now every Friday, the doctors are examining and treating the poor Bangladeshi expatriates who cannot go to local hospitals for treatment.

This is an historic event which will not only allow the Bangladeshi expatriates to have free and better treatment; it would also improve the friendly relation between Bangladesh and Maldives.

Visiting hours: At present the Free Friday Clinic remain closed until further notice