Repatriation of the Dead Body

Repatriation of the Dead Body:

Documents required for Carrying Dead Body to Bangladesh:

• Company Request Letter to repatriate the dead body to Bangladesh
• Original Passport (In case of loss passport, two PP sized photo and relevant documents for issuing a Travel Permit).
• Police Report
• Death Certificate
• Mortuary Report
• Flight Details from the company (Get a booking in the airline to carry the dead body)
• Ticket & Passport copy of the accompany of this dead body (If any)
• Application/ concerned letter from the family or next of kin to receive dead body in Bangladesh Airport.
• Sending receipt of pending Salary and Compensation to the family/ next of kin (Bank Receipt copy)
• Get the passport cancelled from this High Commission.

                       Note: Employer/ Sponsor is solely responsible to repatriate the dead body to Bangladesh.