General Information

Labour & Welfare Wing

As per the Article No- 23 of the new Overseas Employment and Mix-g-r-a-n-ts Act, 2013 (Act No. 48 of 2013) of Bangladesh, a new Labour & Welfare Wing of the High Commission of Bangladesh, Male’, Maldives, has been established and the new labour wing is becoming operationalized from 31 December 2014 with an aim to provide welfare oriented services to the Bangladeshi expatriates and to explore the employment opportunities in Maldives. Labour & Welfare Wing carrying out its activities through the High Commission under the supervision of the Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment in Bangladesh. Major functions are executed with BMET (Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training) in Bangladesh.
A MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) concerning the Placement of Manpower was signed between the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and Republic of Maldives on 29 May 2011.

General Information for the Expatriate Bangladeshi Workers:

Passport is a valuable document. It should always be either in owner’s custody or in the custody of a person duly authorized by the owner. If the passport is lost or destroyed, the fact and circumstances should be immediately reported to the High Commission of Bangladesh, Male’, Maldives and to the local police.

For information about Fees, Requirement and downloadable forms go to  Formsand Feessection of our site.

Welfare Issues:

• Look after the welfare and to arrange the solutions of the problems of the workers.
• Take initiatives to attract more prospective employers to recruit Bangladeshi workers.
• Motivate the expatriates to remit their earnings through official channel.
• Check the papers of recruitment (Employment Approval/ Employment Contract) to ensure the genuineness of the employers.
• Attend death cases and realization of compensation.
• Welfare to the Communities of Bangladeshi citizen.
• Repatriation of mix-g-r-a-n-t workers.
  Major Activities:
• Issuance of one way Travel Permit;
• Attestation of EA (Employment Approval), Demand Letters, Employment Contracts;
• Repatriation of Dead Body ( Financial assistance collected from Expatriates’ welfare desk in Hazrat Shah Jalal International      Airport, Dhaka, Bangladesh for burial and transport- Download the Sample of Application) ;
• Attending complaints of the Workers;
• Jail and hospital visit;
• Company and labour accommodation visit;
• Realizing compensation, dues and sending the same to the families of the deceased;
• Applications/ complaints forwarding to the concerned authorities of Bangladesh;
• Running Free Friday Clinic;
• Facilitate the formation of Bangladesh Community Club.

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