Manpower of Bangladesh

Manpower of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a reservoir of manpower. A huge number of un-skilled labor forces, skilled, semi-skilled and professional manpower is available for foreign employment. Some relevant data in this regard are given below:-

(A) Technical Manpower:

Skilled workers and technicians play a key role in all sectors of the economy. To produce skilled technicians there are mid-level technical and vocational training systems in the country.  Mid level technical education is provided after tenth year of schooling. Polytechnic sub-system offers well organized 3 year's diploma courses in engineering and technology. There are twenty one Polytechnic Institutes in the country with annual intake capacity of 5268 students. Besides Polytechnics, there are a number of agricultural and allied industrial, textile and leather technology institutes and commercial institutes and other specialized polytechnic institutes offering diploma level course in their respective fields.

There are 51 Vocational Training Institutes (VTI's) and 13 Technical Training Centers (IIC's) and 5 Bangladesh Institute of Marine Technology (BIMT) which caters to the training needs for craftsmen in the basic trades. Diploma in Marine Technology is also offered from BIMT. The Marine Academy at Juldia, Chittagong turn out certificated officers for merchant navy. 13 TTC's and 1 BIMT produce annually about 7,000 highly skilled technicians on different trades, suitable for overseas employment. Tele Communication Engineers and Technicians tradesmen skilled in basic engineering and building trades like electricians, petrol/diesel mechanics, air conditioning mechanics, radio/TV mechanics, fabricators, marine mechanist, molders, tatters, plumbers, pipe fitters, painters, steel fixtures, carpenters, masons, garments workers, draftsmen, etc. are available for employment.

Testing facilities on different occupations are available in the modern Technical Training Centers both in public & sectors.

(B) Medical Manpower:

Bangladesh has facilities for imparting graduate and post-graduate medical education and training in the country. Facilities exist in the country  for turning out 2500 medical graduates and 200 dental surgeons every year. More than 5000 General Physicians (graduates) are now available for employment abroad. A good number of specialized consultants/ physicians are also available for overseas employment. Facilities to train Blood Bank Technicians, Radio Therapist, x-ray technicians, Radiographers, compounders, Dressers, Dental Technicians, Health Assistant, Sanitary Inspectors, etc. also exist in the country. Bangladesh has about 47000 paramedics and medical personnel available for employment at home and abroad. There are also 38 Nursing Training Institutes which offer 4 years Diploma course (including one year Midwifery) in other countries with excellent professional reputation. At present 8500 Diploma and 800 Graduate nurses are available for foreign employment.